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Enterprise Solutions in Risk and Asset Management

PicksGroup designs, delivers and implements fit-for-purpose Asset Risk Management solutions and Competency Based Training packages .

The PicksGroup team guides you to successfully achieve your organisation’s strategic objectives. These solutions are supported by our accredited competency-based training programmes. Our services deliver Clear, Consistent and

Concise (3Cs®) outcomes that support your business and ensure sustainability.

Empower your workforce with interactive competency based training units. Give your workforce the skills, knowledge, insight, and most importantly, the motivation to drive your organisation forward to achieve your strategic goals.

Consultation Stage

Human, personable and adaptable, we work with you, to understand what your project journey looks like and
what the roadmap will be. After all, these are your objectives and goals.

Tailor-Made Design

We specialise in complex asset management and life cycle strategies, so we can design policies that include any framework or roadmaps that go with that. We create a strategy for business continuity plans and assess enterprise risk.


We ensure our strategy is effective at meeting any project objectives and outcomes. We focus on digitalisation
and maximising benefits for clients and their customers, so we can make life considerably easier for our clients.

Consultancy Services

We get to know our clients,  so we can fully understand their objectives and goals. We believe in the ease of doing business model, But we also understand that sometimes that means avoiding the path of least resistance.

We offer end-to-end services, including Strategic Planning, infrastructure business case writing,  policies, framework and roadmaps to deliver objectives.

Unrivalled service, the value
is in our name.

Major Clients

We build Strategic Asset Management Plans (SAMP). Simplifying even the most complex of processes and focusing on organisational deliverables and well as compliance requirements.  

Complex Strategies

PicksGroup specialises in designing, implementing and managing complex strategic asset management planning, risk management and asset life cycle strategies.

In-House Courses

We deliver competency based, interactive, modern courses that support both the organisation and learners in their goals. As well as ensure compliance and statutory requirements are always met. We do this through project based learning methods, suppling participants with the physical tool they need to succeed.  

Continuity & Risk

PicksGroup helps design and facilitate cost effective strategies for organisations developing business continuity plans and assessing enterprise risk.

Integrated Services

We already have a range of services, training, tools and digitalisation strategies waiting to be customised to your needs. With PicksGroup you will always be one step ahead.

Enterprise Suites

PicksGroup can add any enterprise suite of tools including risk management, business continuity and stakeholder engagement, as we already have the skillset in-house.

Tailored Training

We tailor your training to you and your organisation, to ensure cohesion of company objectives and knowledge retention.

Focus on Digitalisation

We focus on digitalisation and maximising benefits for clients and their customers. 


We have built strategic asset management plans for some of the
biggest government agencies and projects in the southern

Consultancy Service


PicksGroup designs, delivers and implements tailored solutions for Asset, Safety and Business Risk Management…

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