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Our project training teams have specific specialist skills across infrastructure & project management, providing integrated competency-based training solutions that support project, organisational & individual needs:

  • Whilst we have our individual skills, we are a team.
  • We consult with each other, share experiences and knowledge.
  • We all add to the DNA of Picks Group, we all understand the importance of collaboration.
  • This is what makes the experience of working with us different, we are about each other, the project and delivering positive change to people’s lives.

The DNA Program

  • Your organisation and its projects are much like a human’s DNA – they are made up of lots of different people and departments with different objectives, requirements and capabilities. Let’s think of those people and departments as the DNA of your organisation – just one change to a DNA strand could alter the entire organisation, its path, performance, success or reputation.
  • Your organisation is alive, forever changing, has needs and wants, goals and ambitions – just like  you.
  • And just like us – if the vital working parts stop communicating and working together, we will inevitably have issues. Again, just like humans, preventative maintenance, healthy practices and routine check-ups can help keep our organisation in tip top condition
  • Unlike humans, we have the opportunity to physically change and build our organisational DNA.

DNA Program

Training Materials

DNA – Project Make-Up

Training Materials

Project Basics Overview

Strategic based framework and live information capture Training and system needs identification

Continuous improvement program based on real scenario output from capturing opportunity, risk, issue & potential solutions through training and assessment

Leadership Workshops issue management, & cost vs  benefit based solutions

Training, TNA delivery, and improvement strategy implemented and communicated directly back to specific stakeholders

What Will This Approach Achieve?

  • Increase in effective controls and mitigation against cost impacts and value & benefit realisation for your project.
  • Pre-verified and qualified (real time) solutions for risks and issues with live cost assessments and timelines for consideration by leadership team.
  • Immediate culture and positive organisational behavior benefits.
  • Cost savings in capital and operational expenditure, P50/90/Contingency, training, output,  capacity/time and manhours.
  • Improved productivity and increased quality in risk management, assessments and gernal understanding of impacts of effective controls.
  • Improved customer perception and reputation.
  • Organisation wide alignment with reduced specific consultation – CIP is a live consultation method.
  • A platform to create and manage change quickly and encourages future proofing.

Framework and Policy

DNA Training

Strategic competency-based training framework that draws on realistic  organisational scenarios, learnings, risk or issues, helps address and improve skill  levels and decision making that will be beneficial to the organisation. Creating genuine sustainable project improvement and monitored progression towards deliverables.

How dose the DNA Program support framework development and supporting policy?

  • Strategic Asset Management
  • Risk Management
  • Safety Management (WHS) & Covid 19
  • Continuous Improvement Planning
  • Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Project and Asset Life Cycle Assessments
  • Cost, Maintain or Replace Assessments  
  • Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Incident Investigation Pack
  • Asset Management Systems (AMS)
  • Continuous Improvement Programs (CIP
  • Risk Assessment Tools
  • Fire Safety and Emergency Response Assessments

Leadership Element

  • Leadership workshops that concentrate on the style of leadership needed to address culture and organisational goals. Incorporating your core values into each aspect of the learning program
  • However,  using real issues and live risks with each session focusing on  tangible outcomes to be realised at the end of each session and  progress reviewed at the start of the next session. Furnished with  verified facts you can make risk-based decisions, see the whole  picture and effectively assign responsibility to actions

Training Solution Element

  • Training and development packages that help manage change and improvements consistently across the organisation.
  • Integrating, risk management, asset management, continuous improvement and project management as well as managing the impacts of Covid-19.
  • Together with a training needs analysis and a training delivery plan, lower you cost of training and offer modern and upto date training to every level of your organisation. 
  • Leadership teams are given “live” information and reports to help close gaps quickly and efficiently and facilitate risk based discissions, develop communication plans to stakeholders and ensure project success in terms of both deliverables and reputation.

Any Training, Any Subject, Anywhere, With Any Project.

Project Example

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