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Incident Investigation and Hazard Management Services

PRCA Live Incident Investigation methodology encourages a combination of continuous improvement programs (CIPs), root cause analysis, knowledge retention analysis and interactive development, to reduce unwanted events at each level of an organisation.
We use communication and industry participation to identify improvement opportunities, near misses and hazards that may have the potential to cause, unwanted events, financial loss, property damage or have negative reputational impacts.


PRCA Live collectively creates a systematic strategy to ensure risk mitigation or elimination and effective root cause corrective actions.
The PRCA Live System grows within an organisation and is driven by people, innovation, legislation, compliance and business not by theory and methodology alone.


By applying tested methodologies, PicksGroup guides you to successfully achieve your organisation’s strategic objectives. These solutions are supported by our accredited competency-based training programmes. Our services deliver Clear, Consistent and Concise (3Cs®) outcomes that support your business and ensure sustainability.


Empower your workforce. Give them the skills, knowledge, insight, and most importantly, the motivation to drive your organisation forward to achieve your strategic goals.

Strategic, Sustainable Incident Management Frameworks

Human, personable and adaptable, we work with all stakeholders in the organisation to ensure clear outcomes of each investigation. Sharing learnings and opportunities identified from time line of events assessments and the incident investigation process, working towards a safer and efficient future.

Methodologies that Live and breath

Continuous Improvement

Select tools and systems that clearly define roles, responsibilities and accountability.
Make it available to all stakeholders – it is everyone’s responsibility to manage their own assigned task.
Train users – people won’t use what they don’t understand.

Industry Consultation

Consulting with stakeholders at different levels throughout an organisation will help you see a clearer, long term picture and plan where savings can help improve other areas. 

Reporting and Communication 

Consider if you need to report any observations you may have made during consultation. If so who would report this to and how you will do this.

Near Miss Investigation & RCA

Whether this is a proactive or reactive investigation, the goal is to eliminate or mitigate future risk to people, property, environment or business.

Corrective Actions 

Remember that a hazard and potential or realised risk remains just that until you apply corrective actions. Don’t wait for the investigation to be complete if you can eliminate or mitigate a hazard or risk now.

Outcomes & Knowledge Retention 

Knowledge retention programs and gap analysis will substantially reduce training and corrective action implementation costs as well as help ensure compliance.

Tailored Training

We can tailor PRCA Live training to your organisation, based on investigation outcomes or required change management to ensure cohesion of company objectives.

Focus on the future 

Because we focus on the future we are proactive in delivering as many opportunities from investigations, improvement processes and assessments. we will always and maximum benefits to our scope. 

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Quality in Delivery

We specialise in delivering effective incident management framework and strategies. We understand the importance of delivering quality in service, but we also understand that the way we deliver quality is as important as the content.

  • Complex strategies and technical assessment
  • Government Agencies – Integrated Systems and Reporting
  • Integration and development of specific methodologies

Developing and Future Proofing

We have delivered incident investigation packages and training for the Oil and Gas, Energy and Government. We know what it takes to get results, prevent the unwanted and protect people and business.  We arm you with the tools and resources to help you continue with improvement long after pour project is completed. We believe in safety, cost benefit and sustainability.


We ensure our strategy is effective at meeting any project objectives and outcomes. We focus on benefits for clients, staff and your customers.


We offer enterprise solutions in our specialty areas of risk, safety and strategic asset management planning and director duties training.

Consultancy Services

PicksGroup design, deliver and implement tailored solutions for asset, safety and business risk management.

DNA Project

The DNA Project is a consulting and training package for infrastructure and project management delivery, including risk, safety, asset and SAMP, and project controls.

Asset Management

We offer a systematic approach to the monitoring, governance, development and operation of an asset in an organisation.

Director Duties

PicksGroup offers in-house training to ensure directors adhere to good corporate governance practices across statutory, regulatory and ethical obligations.


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