Passion, Innovation, Commitment, Knowledge, Sustainability.

Passion, Innovation, Commitment, Knowledge, Sustainability.

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Enterprise Solutions in Australian and International Asset and Risk Management

PicksGroup is a values-based company built around passion, innovation, commitment, knowledge and sustainability.

We offer enterprise solutions as a specialist HR and consulting firm in risk and asset management.

What We Offer

We’ve built strategic asset management plans for some of the biggest government agencies and projects in the southern hemisphere.

We specialise in complex asset management and life cycle strategies, and can tailor any training to ensure cohesion of company objectives.

We understand that serious decisions have to be made and we are more than capable of making the decisions, but we also understand the reason behind making these decisions is a human one.

Unrivalled Asset Management

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Major Clients

We have built strategic asset management plans for some of the biggest government agencies and projects in the southern hemisphere.

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Complex Strategies

PicksGroup specialises in complex asset management and life cycle strategies.

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In-House Courses

We offer modernised versions of director duties courses in-house, to be able to support the services.

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Continuity & Risk

PicksGroup creates strategy for business continuity plans and assessing enterprise risk.

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Integrated Services

Each of our solutions is integrated into another service, as we already have a range of services, training, tools and digitalisation.

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Enterprise Suites

PicksGroup can add any enterprise suite of tools including risk management, business continuity and stakeholder engagement, as we already have the skillset in-house.

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Tailored Training

We can tailor any training to the organisation, to ensure cohesion of company objectives.

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Focus on Digitalisation

Because we focus on digitalisation and maximising benefits for clients and their customers, we can make life considerably easier for our clients.

Consultancy Services

We consult with clients to determine their objectives and goals. We offer end-to-end services, from designing policies and the framework and roadmaps to implement them, to delivering strategic asset management plans that meet project objectives and outcomes.

Training Modules

We also deliver a suite of director duties training in fraud, financial control, cybersecurity, risk management and data security. Our modules help support the directors and senior management of the organisation, to ensure they are up-to-date on their legislative requirements.


We offer enterprise solutions in our speciality areas of risk and strategic asset management planning and director duties training.

Consultancy Services

PicksGroup design, deliver and implement tailored solutions for asset, safety and business risk management.

DNA Project

The DNA Project is a consulting and training package for infrastructure and project management delivery, including risk, safety, asset and SAMP, and project controls.

Asset Management

We offer a systematic approach to the monitoring, governance, development and operation of an asset in an organisation.

Director Duties

PicksGroup offers in-house training to ensure directors adhere to good corporate governance practices across statutory, regulatory and ethical obligations.


Contact PicksGroup for expertise and tools to guide large infrastructure projects from concept to delivery, including for government, health, aviation and more.

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