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Director training with PicksGroup is a way to ensure your directors and senior staff are equipped with the tools and knowledge they need to make sustainable and risk based decisions, whilst adhering to good corporate governance and legal practices, as well as your organisational policy and understanding ethical practice.

Directors Duties Training
Training Directors

Training Directors and emerging
leaders at each stage of their career

Participants will discuss and practice (project based learning):

  • Statutory Obligations and
  • Ethical obligations
  • What constitutes good
    operational practice
  • Enterprise Risk and
    its Forms
  • Asset Management in the
    Context Of Compliance
  • Pro-active root cause
    analysis (PRCA)
  • Problem solving

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Mitigate risk, asses the unknown or upskill director and leadership teams. Either in specific topics or as part of a
full suite. We can design and deliver competency tested courses and seminars to ensure legal, corporate and
social responsibility is understood and your leadership team has the tools to ensure success.

Director Duties Training - Overview

The Director Duties Overview is the first module in our director duties suite, it is designed to give the participants the foundation knowledge and tools needed to navigate the requirements and challenges modern day leaders face. Our facilitators will explain and demonstrate what is expected of directors today and in the future, using interactive and relevant case studies, modern-day examples and detailing legal outcomes and impacts director decisions have had on our industries today, both in large organisations and small. Topics for this module include:

  • Non-Statutory board
  • Statutory Obligations and
  • ED and Corporate Culture
  • Duty to Company, Stakeholders
    and the Board
  • Information and
    Decision Making
  • Red Flags
  • General Balances and
  • Organisational
  • …And more

Training Modules

Director Duties - Overview

Director Duties - Overview

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Work And Health Safety

Work and Health & Safety

Fraud And Financial Controls

Fraud and Financial Controls

Environmental, Social

Environmental, Social & Governance Issues (ESR) And Sustainability

Anti-Bribery And Corruption

Anti-Bribery and Corruption











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