Strategic Asset Management
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PicksGroup training and asset management seminars describe the required systematic and standardised approach to Asset Management. Through interactive, project based learning activities our courses will help participants understand the value and the techniques to effectively monitor, ensure governance, create reporting and maximise benefit of assets in an organisation; participants will also be given digital tools to help create systematic process of developing, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets in the most cost-effective manner.

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TAIM Video: Tactical Asset Integrity Management

Tactical Asset Integrity Management (TAIM)

Learn from experience. Not just another methodology, TAIM helps you understand how and why should build your strategic asset management plan
and asset system. The seminar will focus on developing your tools and process that are vital in creating an effective programme that and integrates
with other parts of your organisation or project as well as any current applications. Each module has its own clearly outlined objectives and
deliverables. After each deliverable is met you will have another physical/digital tool in your asset armoury.

Why train with Picksgroup

We have been and still are Asset Management specialists. It is what we do. More to the point is the little things we do. We are a team. Together we are risk managers, trainers, safety experts, technical operators, policy writers, system developers and auditors.

The International Standard, ISO 55000, provides an introduction and outlines the requirements, specifications and guidelines for successful application of asset management.

PicksGroup describes how that works with in an organisation, in real time and more importantly how that works with people

Successful Asset Management

Successful asset management considers risks of failure to the business, asset criticality, risk of non-compliance
and risk to people and the environment. Tactical or strategic planning, asset risk assessments and continuous
improvement programmes help us mitigate risks as well as plan and digitalise mitigation strategies. Our training
courses and seminars will give you the tools and skills you need.

Unrivalled Service, The Value
is in our name

Complex Strategies

Major Clients

We build Strategic Asset Management Plans (SAMP). Simplifying even the most complex of processes and focusing on organisational deliverables and well as compliance requirements.
Complex Strategies

Complex Strategies

PicksGroup specialises in designing, implementing and managing complex strategic asset management planning, risk management and asset life cycle strategies.
Complex Strategies

In-House Courses

We deliver competency based, interactive, modern courses that support both the organisation and learners in their goals. As well as ensure compliance and statutory requirements are always met.
Complex Strategies

Continuity & Risk

PicksGroup helps design and facilitate cost effective strategies for organisations developing business continuity plans and assessing enterprise risk.
Complex Strategies

Integrated Services

We already have a range of services, training, tools and digitalisation strategies waiting to be customised to your needs. With PicksGroup you will always be one step ahead.
Complex Strategies

Enterprise Suites

PicksGroup can add any enterprise suite of tools including risk management, business continuity and stakeholder engagement, as we already have the skillset in-house.
Complex Strategies

Tailored Training

We tailor your training to you and your organisation, to ensure cohesion of company objectives and knowledge retention.
Complex Strategies

Focus On Digitalisation

We focus on digitalisation and maximising benefits for clients and their customers.


We have built strategic asset management plans for some of the
biggest government agencies and projects in the southern











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